May the 4th Be With You!

Happy May the 4th! Designated as the official Star Wars Day back in 2011, fans around the world celebrate this date by showing their love for this pop culture cornerstone.  My husband and I are fans because we are of an age that we remember what life was like for kids during the original trilogy’s debut in the 1970s and early 80s. In fact, just this past December, my husband unearthed his original action figures and Death Star and I found my full size Princess Leia doll. Still fans at heart, we also attended Star Wars Celebration in Chicago just a couple of weeks ago where we had our picture taken with the ever suave Billy Dee Williams and had a blast taking in all of the costumes and life size models. 


The very next day, I heard a Star Wars-themed song on Kids Place Live which led me to do some digging into children’s songs that would appeal to young Star Wars fans. Here are some of my favorites, what are yours?

Why is Dad So Mad?” by Board of Education
“Oh, Lando” and “Chewy to Your Han” by Recess Monkey
Yodeling Yoda” by Jack Forman