Make it Myself! Performed by Ants on a Log

Julie Be and Anya Rose (Ants on a Log) are back with their third full-length family album. On this latest outing, Make it Myself!, the duo’s talent for combining social justice with silliness is beautifully on display in a collection of 14 songs that encourage children to think creatively about challenges they may face in life. Those challenges range from something simple like finding ways to stay entertained while waiting in line to more complex challenges like finding the courage to stand up against the injustices that a child may encounter in every day life. On the sillier side is a buzzy lullaby to a mosquito and a yummy twist on King Midas where the king turns things into cheese rather than into gold. Also included is the stellar “They’re My Friend,” an accessible introduction to nonbinary pronouns, and “What Book?” a song sung from a girl’s perspective as she implores adults to see more than just pretty appearances.  Whether the lyrics are serious or silly, Ants on a Log creates a sound that engages and entertains. Check out the video for the title track, “Make it Myself” below.

Kaboom! performed by Todd ‘n’ Tina


Welcome to the second album of non-stop fun from Minnesota duo Todd Millenacker and Krissy Mondelli, or as they are more commonly known, Todd ‘n’ Tina. With Kaboom!, Todd ‘n’ Tina continue to demonstrate their skill in telling full stories in small packages. Although each of the ten tracks in this collection only lasts 1:30 to 2:00 minutes, each still manages to tell a complete tale. Whether it’s the pop-delight “Tennis Racket Guitar,” the sea shanty “Pirates & Parrots,” or the punk-fueled “Box Life,” each tune tells its own special story in its own unique way. Todd ‘n’ Tina do a fantastic job of pairing just the right musical genre to the subject matter before layering in clever lyrics that children will listen to again and again in order to catch all of the zany word play. Not only do Todd ‘n’ Tina create lively, engaging songs, they also create entertaining videos to go along with them. Kaboom! as well as a library of one-of-a-kind videos are available on their website. Catch Todd ‘n’ Tina’s latest video “Jellyfish Chicken” (because nobody wants those chicken bones!) below.