Welcome! My name is Veronica DeFazio. I started my career as a children’s librarian in public libraries in 1996. In 1998 I began reviewing audiovisual materials for School Library Journal (SLJ).  Over the years, the focus of the items that I was sent to review slowly changed from DVDs and audiobooks to children’s music and in the 2010s, I was tasked with overseeing all aspects of SLJ’s children’s music column.

During that time, what was almost exclusively, acoustic guitar led folk music, slowly morphed into something that was so much more. It was pop. It was rock. It was hip hop.  It had electric guitars, drums, brass, jazz piano. It had a reggae, funk, country beat. Children’s music became as rich as any offering for adults. And yet, it was still completely accessible to children and their families.

With the growth in the variety of children’s music came an explosion in new artists and albums. Yet at the same time, the outlets reviewing and reporting on children’s music diminished. So, in summer 2016, I launched Kids Rhythm and Rock with the goal of sharing news and reviews from the land of children’s music. I know that as busy librarians, teachers or parents, you don’t have time to seek out new music, so my ongoing hope is that Kids Rhythm and Rock can continue to help with that.

If you are a family music performer, please visit my submissions page. I know how difficult getting the word out about your music can be. I’d love to assist you.

Be well!