Moonwalking performed by Young Folk

Josh Lovelace returns with his third album for families, this time under the moniker Young Folk. Much like his last album (Growing Up, 2019), Moonwalking is filled with songs that will appeal to adults, entertain children, and will continuously be in demand. A talented singer-songwriter, Lovelace knows how to make parents chuckle and when to pull on the heartstrings. The title track “Moonwalking” opens the album and sets the tone for a seamless sound that lifts the spirits from beginning to end. Most adults will laugh along with the guy in the second track who likes to think life hasn’t changed much since becoming a parent but admits he’s just “a cool dad…in a minivan.” That pop sound continues on in songs like the fun imagination-filled “Mommy’s a Mermaid” and “Silly Time,” the perfect storytime break with a running time of only 1:15 minutes.

The theme of caring for one another comes out in the rockabilly laden “Wash Your Hands.” While it might feel like this message is no longer needed, if you’ve been in a public restroom lately, you’ll know that many people could use a reminder like this. It’s not just the humans who get special treatment on Moonwalking. A certain four-legged friend does too. “Rosie Cat” is a touching song about the love that comes when a feline joins the family. This song in particular spoke to me. As a former dog lover, when I rescued my kitty cat Coal almost 10 years ago, I too “never thought I’d love a friend like that.” Featuring a catchy refrain that begs for listeners to sing along, I may have serenaded Coal with the lyrics Coalie Cat instead of Rosie Cat, but that will just stay between us.

After taking us moonwalking and on perfect day beach adventures, Lovelace slows things down, first with “I Believe in You,” a gorgeous love letter to his children that will have young listeners asking you why you’re crying as you take in the words “Know that you will always be enough…You can always fall back on my love” and finally, with the closing track, the original lullaby, “Goodnight My Dear.”

With Moonwalking, whether Lovelace, as Young Folk, makes you laugh or makes you cry, he definitely leaves you feeling loved. A perfect album for family listening!