Moonwalking performed by Young Folk

Josh Lovelace returns with his third album for families, this time under the moniker Young Folk. Much like his last album (Growing Up, 2019), Moonwalking is filled with songs that will appeal to adults, entertain children, and will continuously be in demand. A talented singer-songwriter, Lovelace knows how to make parents chuckle and when to pull on the heartstrings. The title track “Moonwalking” opens the album and sets the tone for a seamless sound that lifts the spirits from beginning to end. Most adults will laugh along with the guy in the second track who likes to think life hasn’t changed much since becoming a parent but admits he’s just “a cool dad…in a minivan.” That pop sound continues on in songs like the fun imagination-filled “Mommy’s a Mermaid” and “Silly Time,” the perfect storytime break with a running time of only 1:15 minutes.

The theme of caring for one another comes out in the rockabilly laden “Wash Your Hands.” While it might feel like this message is no longer needed, if you’ve been in a public restroom lately, you’ll know that many people could use a reminder like this. It’s not just the humans who get special treatment on Moonwalking. A certain four-legged friend does too. “Rosie Cat” is a touching song about the love that comes when a feline joins the family. This song in particular spoke to me. As a former dog lover, when I rescued my kitty cat Coal almost 10 years ago, I too “never thought I’d love a friend like that.” Featuring a catchy refrain that begs for listeners to sing along, I may have serenaded Coal with the lyrics Coalie Cat instead of Rosie Cat, but that will just stay between us.

After taking us moonwalking and on perfect day beach adventures, Lovelace slows things down, first with “I Believe in You,” a gorgeous love letter to his children that will have young listeners asking you why you’re crying as you take in the words “Know that you will always be enough…You can always fall back on my love” and finally, with the closing track, the original lullaby, “Goodnight My Dear.”

With Moonwalking, whether Lovelace, as Young Folk, makes you laugh or makes you cry, he definitely leaves you feeling loved. A perfect album for family listening!

2019 Children’s Music Roundup

Welcome to the second annual Kids Rhythm and Rock Children’s Music Roundup! Oh what a year 2019 was for children’s music with a cornucopia of sounds, fantastic messages and moments of fun combining for a true wealth of musical riches, Whether you check the CDs out from the library or listen to them on your favorite streaming service, all of the albums below are definitely worth a listen (or two, or three…). 


Best Animal Album Covers
Come for the covers, stay for the amazing music!
Swamp Romp Performed by Johnette Downing with Scott Billington   
Winterland Performed by The Okee Dokee Brothers



Be Mindful, Be Kind     





The Love Performed by Alphabet Rockers
Kindred Performed by Renee & Friends
Under the Big Umbrella Performed by Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could
Ageless: Songs for the Child Archetype Performed by Jon Samson


Unique Musical Stylings





Finding Friends Far From Home: A Journey with Clara Net Performed by Oran Etkin
Shake It and Break It Performed by Randy Kaplan
Earworm Performed by Sean McCollough


Based on a Podcast


Backstroke Raptor Performed by The Story Pirates



 Regional Superstars You Should Know





Put Your Arms in the Air Performed by Cowboy Andy (based in Montana) 
Kith & Kin Performed by Duke Otherwise (based in Wisconsin)   


Bilingual/Spanish Albums





Canta las Letras Performed by 123 Andrés
Love is Te Quiero Performed by Alina Celeste
Buenos Diaz Performed by The Lucky Band
En la Radio Performed by Nathalia


We Only Have One Earth
These albums each contain several songs that celebrate the flora and fauna on this rock we call home. 





Can You Feel It? Performed by Jessa Campbell & the Saplings
It Takes a Village Performed by Ginalina
Positronic Performed by Marsha and the Positrons


Rock ‘n’ Roll Dads





Which One Am I? Performed by Howie D
Growing Up Performed by Josh Lovelace


The Long and the Short of It





All I Do is Hop Performed by Grin Brigade (29 tracks)
The Robot Performed by Ants Ants Ants (4 tracks)


Thank You, and Goodnight!

Album cover for Now That We're Home


Now That We’re Home: Lullabies & Love Songs Performed by KB Whirly

Growing Up Performed by Josh Lovelace

Josh Lovelace (of the adult rock group NEEDTOBREATHE) returns with a follow-up to his 2017 debut family album, Young Folk. On Growing Up singer-songwriter Lovelace captures universal life experiences that affect everyone no matter their age like friendship, family, the birth of a baby and saying goodbye to those we love. His solo voice is occasionally joined to great effect by children’s backing vocals on the twelve Americana-tinged rock songs in this collection. While there are plenty of hand-clapping and toe-tapping moments on this album, they are tempered by other tracks such as the gorgeous “You Are Loved,” “Let’s Go Drive” which captures the peaceful moments of unplanned family drives, and the beautiful blending of voices on the Frances England duet, “Butterfly” which encourages listeners to reach your light and follow your dreams.

A couple of unique moments are found toward the beginning of the album. The first is in the classic rock sounding “Traveling Band (When I Grow Up)” which tells the tale of a youngster who wants to be in a traveling band and lists a who’s who of performers – like Elton on the keys who makes the people want to shout – who could be in the band too. The second moment is the song “Calypso.” Unlike anything else on the album, it calls to mind ocean breezes and your toes in the sand as people in the neighborhood are encouraged to dance the calypso.

With Growing Up, Josh Lovelace has created that rare family album that sounds like adult music, has lyrics and melodies with kid appeal, and a production value that makes every song sound like it should be on the radio. A must have for family listening.