Life on a Trampoline performed by Randy & Dave

I have to admit, I’m really digging the trend of the story song. And singer/songwriters Randy Sharp and Dave Kinnoin are experts at it. On their second album together, Life on a Trampoline, they tell such quirky stories such as ” Enjoy It While You Can” about a family who works in a cannery, “Last Time I Was Here” about a good-natured child who accidentally causes some pretty big mishaps and “A Weird Thing Happened” about the strange experience a child has when his ball goes over the fence.

Many of the songs on the album are silly ones, but others like the fantastic “Squadoosh” and “We Don’t Share” go a little deeper. “Squadoosh” is the perfect song to share with children who are afraid of the dark or convinced that a scary monster is hiding in their closet. In this song, the child’s fears are put to rest when the light is turned on because Squadoosh is an entirely different kind of monster. “Zilch, zip, zero-nada’s all he’s made of. He’s nothin’, and nothin’s nothin’ to be afraid of at all.” In “We Don’t Share” the child tells her sibling/friend about all the wonderful things that might be missed out on in the future because the friend won’t share things like a big piece of pie or the remote with her.

All twelve songs on this album are engaging with songs like “Semolina” being a good jumping off point for discussions about nutrition, foods from around the world or a story starter about inanimate things. Containing a mash-up of musical genres, multi-layered lyrics and sophisticated instrumentation, Life on a Trampoline is a delight that listeners young and old will want to hear again and again.

**Note for all you musicians out there, the liner notes to Life on a Trampoline contain all of the lyrics AND chord charts for each song.

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