Rock-n-Roll Yearbook Performed by The Bazillions

With school having already started (or starting very soon) all across the country, this is the perfect time to shine a light on Rock-n-Roll Yearbook, the latest album from The Bazillions. This, the fourth album of kid-friendly rock-n-roll from the Minnesota based band is filled with everything that we’ve come to expect from the group – fun, smart lyrics set to jaunty melodies. The opening track, “Back at School” perfectly encapsulates what the first day of school is like and encourages lots of interaction from listeners (clapping, jumping, listening to teacher) while “New Pair of Shoes” captures the joy of getting a “so fast, jump high, supercharged new pair of shoes.”

One of my favorite things about The Bazillions is the skillful way they teach grammar and writing on their albums. This outing, it’s the “Wide Open World of Adjectives” and the writing rules of “Who What Where When Why.” The latter could easily be incorporated into language arts lessons on how to write a paragraph or as a story starter. The empowering messages of “You Could Be the One” (you can grow up to be anything you want), “That’s My Style” (you do your thing and I’ll do mine, and that’s cool) and “More To Be Done” (I’m learning and growing and together we can make change happen) are so important in today’s world of social media bullying and would work well as conversation starters both in the classroom and at home.

This delightful album will be a great addition to classroom lessons as well as family rockin’ out times.


If you’re not familiar with The Bazillions, check-out this video for their song, “Personification.”


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