Seconds performed by Ben Tatar and the Tatar Tots

The holiday season is in full swing and you know what that means…lots and lots of delicious food. The kind of food that tastes so good you always have to go back for more. That is the same feeling that you will have when listening to Seconds, the follow-up to Ben Tatar’s 2014 debut family music album Food! This delicious collection of ten songs about everything from pizza to greens to sweet nectarines will definitely whet your appetite. Featuring an underlying jazz/swing band base, each song is given its own flavor from the Cajun flair of “Jambalaya” to the Motown groove of “Can You Write a Song About Broccoli?” and the 1970s lounge act vibe of “Peanut Butter!” While each song has its own unique melody, they all have rhythmic lines that will get listeners moving and grooving; none more so than the funky “Back to the Buffet” which aptly captures what pre-pandemic buffet-going was like. You’ll have such a good time listening to Seconds that you’ll want to come back for thirds and more!

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