Song Spotlight – “I’m Marvelous” performed by Strawbitty Yops

It’s hard to believe that June is almost over. Which means that Pride month is quickly coming to an end. However, just because the officially designated month is coming to a close doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t keep celebrating one another. In fact, we should honor one another at all times because we, as a collective, are what make life so wonderful.

To celebrate the joy and love of this last week of Pride month, today’s spotlight is turning to the latest single from Strawbitty Yops. Known for their unique sound, amazing harmonies, and universal themes of love, acceptance, and embracing your uniqueness. their latest track, “I’m Marvelous” expands upon those themes, creating an engaging dance anthem. This runway-style song, featuring the musical talents of Iwalani Music and Dean Jones, encourages everyone – queer, trans, nonbinary, you, me – to flaunt our individual style. For me, that style is librarian chic, or in everyday terms, a cardigan. But that’s ok because, I’m marvelous, and so are you, and Strawbitty Yops is here to make sure that we never forget it!

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