Kindred performed by Renee & Friends

I don’t know about you, but I’ve reached my limit for the negativity and self-righteous snarkiness that I encounter online. So, this past weekend, I took a break from the internet. I decided no social media, no email, no surfing the web. I was going to dedicate myself to the beautiful weather and those people around me. And you know what? The weekend was lovely, peaceful and restorative. Just what I needed.

I discovered something else that I needed. While looking for something this evening, I knocked over a stack of new music on my desk and before straightening it, I reached in and blindly grabbed a CD. And the album I pulled out was Kindred. This was just what I needed. What a beautiful collection of music! It is the perfect antidote to all of the things in the world that bring you down.

Those familiar with Renee Stahl’s first Renee & Friends album, Simpatico, will not be disappointed with these new collaborations. Kindred is filled with gentle, soothing songs that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The opening track “Kindness is Cool” sets the tone for the album. Performed by Renee & Jeremy, this reminder of the importance of being kind to one another is wrapped in catchy lyrics highlighted by the refrain, “I’ll be for you. You’ll be for me. Kindness. Kindness.” This is followed by the dynamite performance by Renee’s 12-year-old-daughter, Amelia, on “Super Fragile World” as well as a lovely cover of the Cat Stevens tune, “Where do the Children Play” with vocals by Renee and Ziggy Marley.

It’s hard to imagine a rap by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo being overshadowed by anyone, but that’s exactly what happens on “Leaders of the World.” While Skidoo’s words are powerful and strong, it’s the beauty of the vocals of Addi Rose, Amelia Dektor and the Cold Spring School Chorus that truly capture the essence of this song.

Additional friends on this album include Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell who join Renee in their rendition of the classic, “High Hopes.” Finally, there are two tracks that allow Renee’s crystal clear voice to shine.  “Nothing and No One” focuses on the fact that there is nothing in the world that could take away a mother’s love for her children and could easily be used as a lullaby. The last track on the album, “How Did You Get So?” is a gorgeous song that asks a child – how did you get so sweet/smart/beautiful? It is the perfect ending to a much needed album. Every family would benefit from taking a few minutes, unplugging from the outside world and taking in the messages of Kindred.