Video Spotlight – “The Many I Am” Performed by Carrie Ferguson

To continue our Pride Month celebration, today I’m shining a spotlight on the brand new video from Carrie Ferguson. According to Ferguson, their latest single, “The Many I Am,” featuring Pamela Means and Kamerin, is “a love letter to the LGBTQIA+ community; a gender queer dance party anthem featuring a giant horn section and gorgeous harmonies; a celebration of gender diversity and inclusive community; a call for unity; and a joyful declaration of hope and resilience.” The video for “The Many I Am” is all that and so much more. Featuring a group of non-binary and trans dancers, the choreography perfectly captures the essence of the music matching each note with moves both simple and electric. The already powerful chorus (We are kings and we are queens/we are neither plus both and/Where are the words/For the many I am?) is lifted even higher by the power of the accompanying choreography. The joy that each dancer exudes draws viewers in making them wish that they too could be part of this awesome dance party.   

Album Spotlight – Rainbow Seekers performed by Ants on a Log

Happy Pride Month! I am very excited to kick-off this June with the newest album from the Philadelphia-based trio Ants on a LogRainbow Seekers is a collection of eight original tracks that uplift queer youth through the power of engaging, inclusive, celebratory songs. Things kick off with “Rainbow Seekers,” which is not just the album’s title track, but also a song from the group’s musical of the same name. The album then dives into several empowering messages of self-expression. “River’s Coming Over,” which features performers Evan Greer and Fureigh, is a song about nonbinary friends playing together doing things that they find fun – making a rainbow unicorn cake, having a tea party with Wolverine or Wonder Woman being the captain of the football team. This is followed by “Terry the Nonbinary Canary” (which is just clamoring to be made into a picture book) and “My Suspenders” which encourages kids to dress in ways that bring them joy. The Alphabet Rockers join Ants on a Log for “The History of Blue and Pink,” and updated versions of “Some Girls Have Short Hair” which talks about the various kinds of hairstyles anyone can have, and “They’re My Best Friend” which was the first song on national radio with all nonbinary pronouns and now includes harmonies by Carrie Ferguson and Lavender Blues are also included. Some of the album’s quieter moments come during the lullaby “Moppa” which includes some of the many names that children may call their nonbinary parents and features the beautiful vocals of Strawbitty Yops and Lindz Amer. Be a Rainbow Seeker and listen to this shiny, shimmery celebration of and for queer families (and all families) not just during Pride Month, but all year through! Rainbow Seekers is now available on your favorite streaming platforms.